You decide

My husband and I have a babysitter for tonight, and have yet to decide how to spend our time. Five glorious hours to ourselves, the world at our feet (ok just Austin, but still...), and we're simply indecisive.
So I'm turning it over to you to plan our night out.

Visit here to pick a restaurant, place for dessert, museum, or whatever else you decide. There are only 2 rules: no sushi, and entrees should be reasonably priced (less than $15/plate or so). It's a casual night.

All entries will be put in a hat and drawn at 6pm when we depart. Seriously - our date night is up to you!


Ms. W said...

I'm no help! Randy likes Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in downtown RR. I've never been. But, hey... you're probably wanting to venture out into Austin... so, that won't work! ;)

Paige said...

You must go to Cafe Teo for gelato, the best.

Mrs. C. said...

Shoot for 5 hours you can get a hotel room and go crazy;)