The results

First up, the winner (and only entrant) in the audio book giveaway: Mrs. W.! I know where you live, so expect it on your doorstep. To the rest of you: See what happens when you visit and don't leave comments - you miss out on FREE STUFF!

Ok, on to the results of last night's date. Mrs. C., great idea, just a few hours too late to make it into the hat. And to Mrs. W., yup, this was an Austin outing, so your suggestion was also out. Although I do want to try that place sometime.

Buca di Beppo was the restaurant of choice, where chicken canneloni and garlic mozzarella bread filled us up. On to The Drag, where we walked over to the UT Union, and at (or would it be in?) The Underground, we played several games of pool. This was a great alternative to pool tables in crowded bars. We will definitely be back to the union with our little guy to take part in the glow bowl.

Further up the street we stopped in Antone's Records, and laughed ourselves silly over some of the finds. Frankie Avalon, Bobby Vee, The Shirelles...we put a Fleetwood Mac record on their player and the quality wasn't too bad considering the day and age we live in now. I then wanted to visit Buffalo Exchange, but they closed at 8pm, and it was nearing 10. Lastly, and thank you Paige for the suggestion, we went to Caffe Teo for dessert. So good, no other words are needed.

Stay tuned for my next post on why I've gained 23 pounds, and what I'm doing about it.