Office Supplies 1

Me, in an e-mail to our office supply person (hereafter known as OSP): I looked in the supply room and couldn't find any tacks. When you order supplies tomorrow, could you please get me a small package. Thanks.

Reply from OSP: Could you please describe in better detail what you need.

Me to OSP: One small package (20 or so) of thumb tacks. Thanks.

OSP: There is too much to assume in your request. What are these exactly?

Me to OSP (now getting frustrated, yet feeling cynical): 1 package of bulletin board tacks so I can hang up papers in my office.

OSP: I don't think Office Depot carries those, but I'll look.

That was 3 weeks ago. Still no tacks.


Ms. W said...

Girl, I know it's the principle of the matter, but I have a huge box of tacks you can have! Please take them from me!