No, it didn't really happen

On Friday, I came across this video and decided to pass it on to a few co-workers who would appreciate the humor. Watch, and then I'll finish the story.

One co-worker believed it. She called me immediately after viewing it, and asked what that meant for our corporate website. Did I have back-ups, did I relay the message to our VP, how long would it take for me to put our sites back up, etc.

I thought she was joking so I laughed and laughed hard. Turns out she was serious. Yeah really. I tried to explain that The Onion was a joke site, but it wasn't sinking in. "But it looks so REAL!"

*sigh* I don't like to make fun of others, but honey, you brought this one on yourself. Get out more.


Ms. W said...

What's even funnier - is that she was watching it ON THE INTERNET! :)