Catching up

Oh boy, I do not like being with internet access. I've been without for 5 days, and I was doing everything I could to control my e-mail withdrawals. Using my Palm to check messages was ok until I needed to reply using a tiny stylus to tap out very short responses. Optometrists must be making a killing these days with all of the tiny technology causing us to squint.

We went camping this weekend, along with a trip to the zoo, and Dr. Pepper museum. And I wore the wrong shoes. The very wrong shoes for all of that walking. Let me tell you that I was stylish, but hurting, and no one gave a damn that I looked cute that day. All of those people were thinking, "that poor woman's feet must ACHE!", and they did. (photo of shoe is not what I actually wore, but it may as well have been.)

I still need to get you caught up on the weighty issue, and also fill you in on the lunchbox story. Oh yes. The lunchbox story.


Ms. W said...

I hate wrong shoe choices on long, hot, adventuresome days. Not fun at all!