Tap your toes

On Monday morning at work, the VP of my dept. awarded me 2 tickets to Stomp. She has this incredible knack for knowing what people like, it's almost eery. I've always wanted to see the show, but once their commercial airs, it tends to sell out quickly.

My husband and I had balcony seats, and it was a fabulous performance. Two girls and 6 guys made music out of the most mundane objects - including kitchen sinks filled with water! I was amazed at the size of the arms on the 2 girls; they were almost more ripped then the men. I can only imagine how many thousands of calories they burned during the hour and 45 minute show.

The next time they arrive in your town, make plans to go. You'll never look at a cup and straw the same way again.

*This newscast has been brought to you by Head On! Apply directly to the forehead!*