So I decided to take down my old blog, give it a new look, and even change the name. Why the heck not? I'm allowed. It may annoy anyone who linked to my blog to have to update their favorites list, but they'll get over it.

"The Chocolate Box" seems to work better with my ramblings and observations. It's a cliche, but it fits.

So recently my little family and I visited a local pizzeria where they give away a child's bike once a month. We go there when the mood strikes, and it struck last Friday. And we came home with a new bike.

An update on the little church thief: he was sent a letter by the pastor and his wife thanking him for his honesty in returning the toy truck and also including one of his cars. And they also sent him $5 to buy a new toy car. Hmmm...so he was rewarded for stealing and returning the stolen item?


Ms. W said...

Like the new look! It's super cool!

I'm thinking the Pastor and his wife sent the money back to your son, to replace his vehicle that he donated. :)