Wish Lists

I love Christmas, not just because I get to eat a pan of fudge unabashedly, but the thrill of opening gifts big and small is a delight that can make any person feel like a kid again. However it seems like no matter what I wish for, I end up returning the majority of my gifts. Please don't think I'm not being gracious. I just don't like having to make a wish list, because I inevitably become disappointed. I would much rather the giver surprise me. However, I was again forced to make a Christmas wish list this year.

For example I no longer ask for clothes. At least that was my usual policy until I told my sister I needed new warm up pants. She scored on the color and style, but they have to be returned for a different size. Strike 1 - my fault, I'm just too hard to fit.

With another relative, I requested a new set of everyday dishes and received not one, but two sets of plastic divider plates. Strike 2 - next time I will specify that I don't need camping dishes.

With the purchase of our new kitchen table, I wanted to update the kitchen textiles such as placemats and towels. I even stated on my list that dark plum was a hard color to find. Instead I received new hand towels and washcloths for our guest bath. Strike 3 - they're nice, but not what I needed.

I've been doing a lot of baking lately and asked for an apron. Any color, any pattern, just needed an apron. My husband said, "I'm not buying you an apron for Christmas. That's like buying someone a vacuum for their anniversary." Strike 4 - I'm pouting over not having gotten an apron. (and I'm sure LA would agree with me that an apron would be a beautiful gift!)

Next year my wish list will say: I wish to not return anything, just bring me a plate of fudge.


Ms. W said...

My relatives all figure I'm too hard to buy for and opt for gift cards instead. Which, in reality, I'm thrilled with them. Now...if I could only find time to go shopping, I'd be set!

Leigh Ann said...

An apron you say? Hhmmmmm. There is no comparision to a vaccuum! Not even close.

I'm just catching up on you. Wow! I need to hear more about the new job -- where? the bread -- yum! and how Kindergarten is going.

Cheers! LA

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pants, the next size just looked too long....even for me and I'm about 5 inches taller than you!

The divider plates were from Grandma and were supposed to be funny, btw. ;) :D