I can hear a pin drop.

Today is the start of having the house to myself for a whole week. My husband and son headed out the door early this morning to drive across the country to visit his side of the family. This is a guy's trip, and while hubby is out hunting pheasant, my son will be spoiled by his great grandpa and grandparents.

At first I jumped for joy at the prospect of having a quiet house, but it's Thanksgiving week and I don't know yet how I'll spend that particular day. One good friend has invited me to dinner, but it will be with her and her husband's family, and I think I'd feel like the third wheel. Another friend suggested I call a church to have a meal delivered, but I'm not incapacitated that I can't cook myself a mini turkey dinner complete with potato dumplings and a slice of chocolate pie.

How do you think I should spend Thanksgiving?


Ms. W said...

Go see a movie! Then head out to the outlets at midnight for some exxxxtra savings!

Cyndi said...

SLEEP!!!:) Of course that's just what I want to do:)