Change is constant

Over a Tex-Mex lunch, that is, if you can call my taco salad "Tex-Mex", a friend said, "I've got that wanderlust." Me too friend, and in a bad way. My résumé has been described as impressive. I've got it condensed, which was no easy task, into a three page document detailing my graphic design and marketing history that now spans nearly two decades. I started young, seriously. I'm not THAT old.

I have to be involved in more and better and different. Ever creating, ever changing. Here's a list of what I currently do for work that pays me (I'll leave out the volunteer stints...):

  • I work part-time for a twice monthly publication. I was just hired for a full-time virtual job.
  • I own a business with my husband.
  • I am a consultant for a home-based company.
  • I am a part-time background actress.
  • I do freelance graphic design, marketing and social media projects.

Not to mention, I'm a wife, and a pretty awesome mom, my house is clean, and the pets are happy. Yet the people who think they know me, don't get me. They complain about me being busy, their opinion, not mine, yet their biggest complaints are about much they hate their job. For God's sake do something about it! Why do you think my résumé is as long as I am tall? Because I don't put up with shit. Yeah, I said it. I don't put up with shit, at least not for very long.

  • If you don't like your job, leave.
  • If you don't like your friends, find new ones.
  • If you don't like your spouse,(and you've exhausted all efforts to rectify whatever is broken, because God forbid y'all start hating on me thinking I believe that spouses are like napkins you toss in the trash once they've gotten a bit wrinkly), then move on.
  • Can't pay your bills? Stop whining about what the government owes you and get a part-time job.

In a recent interview I was asked, why at my age (we won't discuss discrimination because it was one of two job offers I received and earlier in the interview I brought up the fact that I took a typewriter to college, yet became the first female hired to design websites at a well established internet company. Really, I'm not THAT old, my age still has a '3' in front), I've embraced technology and social media. It's simple: I don't want to be left behind.

I'm always reinventing myself, although it may not be on a grand scale like (insert favorite celebrity name here). I've started businesses, I've left jobs when I have a hunch that something in the company isn't going right, I've sought out acting projects "at my age" because why the hell not?

Change is constant. Will you embrace it or bitch about it?