There's No Rhyme To My Reason

A friend of a friend of a blogger friend sent me a link to this definition of cake: If you're too lazy to click the link, here is a sample:
Sponge cakes is thought ta be tha straight-up original gangsta of tha non-yeast-based cakes n' rely primarily on trapped air up in a protein matrix (generally of beaten eggs) ta provide leavening, sometimes wit a funky-ass bit of bakin powder and other chemical leaven added as insurizzle.
And that's the tamest sentence I could find. Speaking of sugary goods, I pity my dear husband who buys donuts for us on occasion. There isn't much I miss about Fargo, but SunMart grocery store is the only place I know that knows how, really knows how to make a maple long john. These donut places in Austin aren't even close. In fact they are so off the mark, that on the last donut outing my husband made, I was 3 bites in and he said, "I think you have mine." I looked at the long john in my hand, and looked again in the donut bag. The chocolate version he had chosen for himself, and my maple version were so close in color that I indeed was eating the chocolate. Are you listening? Are you? I'm available for taste tests.

I suppose I should wish ya'll a happy new year or something, but since I don't ever get any blog comments I'm not going to. You're on your own to find your own happiness.


Bobbie said...

When I go to Fargo, I shall return bearing Sunmart's Maple Long Johns! Wait, will they still be good after a 2-day car trip and then the drive to Austin? Hmm . . .