Weekend Plug: The Diva's Closet

I'm not your typical female that revels in outings to the mall to spend a day aimlessly wandering through racks of clothing and shoes. I shop with a purpose. Grocery store shopping is a necessity to feed. Mall shopping serves no purpose for me, so as you can imagine my walk-in closet with numerous built-in shelves is pretty bare.

Step back a few weeks ago to the surprise party I was throwing for my husband's birthday. All the plans were in place: venue, food, friends, and family. What to wear? Leave it to me to shop the day of the party. I had driven past The Diva's Closet many times on my purpose-filled trips to the grocery store. With fingers crossed, I walked in hoping for a painless experience.

The store can be overwhelming upon entering because you don't know where to start. The stuffed racks are maybe a little too stuffed aiding to the shopping anxiety of trying to find the perfect outfit. Once I threw some muscle behind shoving hangers from one side to the other, I had a rhythm. At the end of my, "oh my gawd I have 3 hours until the party and I have nothing to wear" panic episode, I was standing in the dressing room with 2 outfits that I couldn't decide on. That never happens to me.

Because they are a consignment shop, the inventory is always changing. The good news is, it's a high-end consignment shop. You won't find faded t-shirts from company retreats or questionable stains on sweaters. We're talking Louis Vuitton handbags, BCBG jackets, Chanel shoes and so much more. Go shop. And let me come with you.