Je veux passer à la France.

This is how they build streets in Paris. So fun to watch!
I decided I want to move to France. The reality is "slim to none", but I'm allowed to daydream. The more I think about the short time I spent there last summer, the more I realize how antiquated things are here in America. Specifically transportation. I miss the metro (subway). I miss the buses on every corner. I miss the monorail that took hubby and I from Paris to Brussels in a skant two hours. When we first planned the trip, we considered renting a car. I'm so glad we didn't, because there was no need for it. We could go anywhere we want to, at any time of day, via public transportation. It was fun and adventurous. We'd jump off the bus at random corners and explore interesting neighborhoods. Think I'll go stand outside at the corner of my street and see how long until the next bus comes along...


Ms. W said...


But, I will say in my American defense, that while living in Denmark, not being able to speak or read Danish, wagging around a newborn and a 2 year old, in the dead of winter... waiting on public transportation... let me just say... did not equate to "good times" for me.