Weekend Plug: Hopdoddy Burger Bar

So as you know, I was feeling a bit under the weather to get around to doing my weekend plug. Better late then never!

You're in Austin and looking for something different to eat. Something casual, something kid-friendly yet offers adult beverages, and in this economy, something that won't break the bank. Good luck, right? Welcome to Hopdoddy Burger Bar. I've been just twice, once with family and once with co-workers, and on both occasions, I was impressed. Their Magic Shroom burger with goat cheese, field mushrooms and basil pesto makes my mouth do the happy dance. Order two of the Mexican Vanilla milkshakes - one for the kiddies and one for you to make it "grown-up" by having alcohol added. Service is superb. They are earth-friendly without being snobby. They are hip without being pretentious. They are the essence of Austin. (And I'd love it if they sent me one of their t-shirts.)