Weekend Plug: Alice

A website I discovered over a year ago, can save you trips to the grocery store, but you do need to plan ahead just a bit. Or in my case, I'm also sick with strep throat and the thought of leaving the house just to buy cat litter is not gonna happen. The cat can make do for 2 days while I pop online to order the litter, and wait for Mr. Brown Shorts to deliver it.

The site I'm talking about is Alice. I really have no recollection of how I ever came to create an account and shop here, but it's perfect for those plan ahead types like myself. No need to clip coupons - they do it for you. No need to find a code for a shipping discount - it's always free.  I just wonder if it's Alice from the Brady Bunch running the site...that would be as cool as the box that your groceries arrive in.