Shaken, but not stirred.

I was almost in a car accident on my way to work this morning. A car pulled out of the Starbucks driveway and forced me to swerve into the next lane, swerve back, and still make the turn for my corner. Seriously shook me up as I continued the mere yards to my office. I'm certain that with fancy driving skills like that, I should be giving pointers to Danica Patrick.

Speaking of Starbucks...who's on board with the new Trenta sized drink? They might have a location 1/2 block from my office, but to get there requires a clear conscious decision because of the driving loop I have to make to get there. That generally translates into just avoiding it altogether. But even when I do go, I have one drink favorite, the grande peppermint mocha frappucino with no whip. At $4, it's an indulgence. Just how much would that cost me two sizes higher? I shudder (shake?) to think about it.


Ms. W said...

I'm a venti girl! If I'm gonna splurge - which isn't often, I go for the large!

However, Trenta? I'm sure my coffee would be room temp before I could finish that one!