Mint Mania

Do you ever get going on a food flavor path and aren't sure how it all started? I am on some kind of chocolate mint kick lately, and it's everywhere that I look.

There is the not so healthy, Mint Mocha Chip Frappucinos from who else, but Starbucks. Then I discovered the 3 Musketeers Mint bar - yummy! It's easier to justify having one, not just for the low fat and calorie intake, but I can buy 5 of them vs. one frappucino. Especially the way our economy is steadily falling, a girl still has to have her chocolate! Then the old standby of Junior Mints or York peppermint patties will also do in a chocolate mint must have crisis.

And then came Metromint. They make chocolate mint water. Yeah, water. No fat, no calories, no nothing. Just plain water with pure mint and cocoa essence. (I took that off their website. I hear "essence" and think of Emeril.) It's so good, and now the only way I can get it is either to drive 3 hours to my old grocery store, or order it online. Phooey!

What's your latest food flavor?