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I haven't posted for a full 5 months. It has been a whirlwind at my house, and I'm so ready for it to be all over. Let's recap!

1. Those resumes I was sending out back in January...well nothing has come of it. I've applied to over 100 positions, had about 20 interviews, and I'm still where I started. I could tell some real doozy stories about some of the companies in this town, but this is just a recap. Ha. 8 people have quit my department, and a recruiter told me I was "too skilled". Humph.

2. I registered my freelance business with the state so I'm official. I very officially take on all kinds of miscellaneous graphic and web work. My hopes is to expand the work load as quickly as possibly so I can stop dealing with #1.

3. House plans are on hold. Hard to shop for a house when you don't know if it'll be close to where you work. If #2 pans out, then we'll be house hunting again by Jan. '09.

4. We're getting a new truck. 4 years ago, my husband inherited his Ford from his dad and grandpa since it had been in storage for 6 years. Well, after regular weekend trips to the auto parts store to keep the 14 year old beast going, our phone rang 2 weeks ago. His grandpa was on the other end telling him he bought a new truck for us, and was sending a check for the same amount to DH's sister. Generous man.

5. I'm a single woman and forgot how to cook for one. Well, I'm just single for the next 10 days while husband and son travel to pick up said truck. I'm becoming the crazy lady talking to the pets just to hear my voice. It's oddly quiet and I can't wait for them to come home. (They only left yesterday.)

That's all for now. We're all healthy and hanging on!


Ms. W said...

Wow, really 100? That's insane!

I hope something pans out soon - either the freelance biz will take off, or something!

That's a huge blessing about the truck! God is good! :)