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So yeah, I've been absent but not by choice. I've had some blogger issues with my posts not saving or publishing. Here nor there, I'm back.

There's a lot of news! 1. My company is "restructuring" and I have about two months to find a new job. I'm very excited because I wasn't happy anyways with the direction we were going and now I have permission to look elsewhere. Lunch hours with co-workers now involve discussions on who has applied where and leads for career specific job websites.

2. We might put our house on the market. I always like to look at available real estate just to see what else is out there, and happened to find a beautiful home in the town my husband works in. It sparked conversation about my job situation and the number of opportunities the further south we go. I'm not sure why, but he loves our little town that closes up by 10pm - me not so much. So inside I'm a jumping bean with the thought of moving closer to the capital mecca. He told me today to call our real estate agent. He is a complex man. HA.

3. I've been working out twice a week to the Love Your Legs dvd. I considered myself in average shape and this dvd proved me very wrong. After 2 weeks (just 4 workouts) my pants fit my thighs better. Yahoo!

4. This morning in church the pastor spoke about how perfectionism is a bad thing. I could feel him looking at me as I sat in the video venue. I've been exposed!

5. Lastly, this is post #90. Remember I said I've give away a box of chocolates for the 100th - stay tuned and in touch.


Ms. W said...

I was not phased at Pastor Joe's comments about perfectionism! :) I have long given up on that negative aspect of my personality! It is so freeing...

Goodluck with the house hunt and job search.

Anonymous said...

I gotta get that Love Your Legs thing...they are my least favorite part of me even when I'm in shape!