Plug the cord where?

I had a very old walkman that had seen better days (it played tapes) so this Christmas I asked my family for a MP3 player. I received a very shiny model that not only plays music, but also shows video, records voice, and is a photo viewer. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

Why then, am I, miss I can-figure-out-any-technology, sitting here with a pile of cords, the installation disk in my computer, and the instruction manual on my lap, forming wrinkles quicker then a 6 year old in a bath?

I charged it and now the menu stares at me waiting for a command. My husband said that I don't need the installation disk, but why would they include it if it weren't necessary? Is it like the extra parts that always come with those "some assembly required" pieces of furniture?

I have to laugh a bit, because I must have aged and missed my opportunity to figure it out. It's like the time John's grandpa asked us several years ago where the disk was to load the internet.


Ms. W said...

Welcome to 2008. I love my iPod and it is so stinkin' easy to use. I hope you are finding your MP3 player as equally challenging.

Anonymous said...

You know, I still can't figure out our DVD player, so don't feel too bad. I love that your grandpa wanted to "load the internet." Ha!

My grandpa has passed on, but I remember in the late 90s we got him a CD player. We had to return it because it "smelled funny." Oh, the hilarity!