Got it!

I got the big freelance gig! I'm meeting up with Mr. New Business Owner for a one hour meeting on Saturday to map out a design and collect my first check. I see new carpet in my future. Speaking of futures, 2 women at work have turned in their notices, and I hope to be next. I have resumes all over town and now I'm playing the waiting game for a phone call. Pick me, pick me!

We also are officially looking for a house right in Austin. A realtor friend will be handling the sale of our house when we get to that bridge, but first we're on the hunt with specific criteria that includes big trees. I know that sounds weird, but these little neighborhood trees we have now are sad and only provide enough shade for a snail.

Just for fun, here's a quiz from my favorite show Grey's Anatomy to see which character you're most like. My results: Izzie, the true romantic.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That has to be exciting.

And I hear you on the trees thing. Husband grew up on 20 acres of woods, and where we live now the trees are the size of toothpicks. He's not satisfied, but it has to do for now. We don't need the shade as much as you do in TX (it was -30 yesterday!), but we like the aesthetic of big trees.