Welcome home

This girl is a beautiful tortoise breed, and only 8 weeks old. After my last 2 big kitties, she is incredibly tiny! She is still adjusting to having so much space after being cooped up in a small kennel at the animal shelter.

How her name came about: the day after I adopted her, I was at work trying to think up names. I was thinking of her colors and how she was kind of chocolatey and orange - like a Reese's peanut butter cup. My favorite candy. When I got home I looked at her again, and she didn't have as much orange as I remembered. We considered Daphne, Sofie, Phoebe, and Simone, but we went back to Reesee. It seems to fit her well since she jumps around as if on a constant sugar high, and she's sweet in how she insists on napping on any available lap. Welcome home Reesee!


Ms. W said...

So cute! Stanley would be proud!

Mrs. C. said...