"It's a Fargo day."

Grey cloudy skies, cold wet weather..It's what my husband and I call "a Fargo day". I grew up mostly in ND, and I truly do not miss the snow, the cold, and the sniffly season (or would that be sneezin'?).

A day like today is rare in Texas, and yet it's the most perfect day to cozy up to the fire with a minty, marshmallowy, tall hot chocolate; staying inside baking caboose shaped sugar cookies, and escaping into a new book.

I took our 5 yr. old to Half Price Books and we could have stayed there all day. It's almost better then a trip to the library with the ever changing selection. I said, "almost better". Depends on if you are in the mood to buy or just borrow, and today I was in a buying mood.

I came away with a rather large tutorial on learning Flash for my new job. I've always wanted to learn it. I also picked up a true crime book by Patricia Cornwell. I am so excited by both, that I cannot decide which to start first.

Mr. 5 yr. old selected a phonics game for his computer, and also a complete tutorial on learning the harmonica. It contains an instruction book, cd, and a shiny new harmonica. For anyone that knows our son, he has taken an interest in the harmonica since the age of 2. Here we are just a short 3 years later, and the young man feels compelled to learn actual songs. Yeah for him on taking this initiative!


Leigh Ann said...

It sounds like y'all need some Fluff for those hot chocolates! :)

I miss Half Price Books. We don't have a good bookstore like that here. Of course, I manage to get my hands on enough books.

Patricia Cornwell is a fav of mine. Enjoy!