Where are the dresses?

I try to stay up to date on trends, but I must have missed the memo that said dresses weren't being offered this season. I went shopping today in need of a dress for next weekend. I didn't set out with a specific style or color in mind - just needed a new dress.

I went to 8 different stores with no luck. As in ZERO luck. This included a store called, "Dress Barn", in which case you'd think that with such a name there would be dozens of dresses to choose from. They had a bountiful selection of tops, pants, jackets, and accessories. I asked the sales clerk if she could point me to the dresses. She walked me to one lowly, barren rack, with 9 dresses, none of which were my size.

Oh well, it didn't look like a barn either so I shouldn't have expected dresses, right?!


Annie said...

Ugh, I know what you mean! I went dress shopping for Tyler's baptism in October and couldn't find anything, either. Found a skirt, but I'm not too sure that I love it. Good luck!!!